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code name…? Fizzy Womack! breakin shakles,tackle yo ass like bo jack!

20 november, 2009

Rusty Gunz (feat. lil Fame)
Warning Shots 2 (2009)

Fytusan hackars järnspikars!
Det är ju tammetusan fjärdevärldskriget uppe på dem där hustaken, BAM!


Saigon – Warning Shots 2

14 oktober, 2009

Fatherhood (feat. Lokz)
Warning Shots 2 (2009)

Saigon even considers this to be his favorite music video that he has ever done.

For Some Pussy
Warning Shots 2 (2009)

Aye Aye Aye
Warning Shots 2 (2009)

Here is the second of a series of videos that I recently shot with Saigon. Each video that we have done have very different looks and this is by far the flashiest. Sai even busted out his grill for this one, along with some dance moves that I had no idea he even had. So if you ever wanted to see Saigon dance, here is your chance…enjoy! Shout out to the masked drummer aka my Dad, The Mess Hall, Scram Jones, Buckwild, Andy “Uno” Vaval, and of course Three/21! – Derek Pike

Säg aye aye aye….

Saigon – Free Tru Life

18 september, 2009

Free Tru Life
Prod. Saigon

New York police say a rapper once signed to Jay-Z‘s label has been arrested with his brother, both on charges of second-degree murder in the stabbing death of a man.Robert Rosado, known as Tru Life, pleaded not guilty this week to charges of second-degree murder and gang assault and is being held without bail. His lawyer says the artist is innocent. His brother MarcusRosado surrendered Wednesday night and was awaiting arraignment.Police say the brothers pulled knives on Christopher Guerrero and another man June 15. Guerrero was stabbed in the stomach and died. The other man was critically injured.Police say the stabbing occurred in the lobby of a Manhattan building as part of a dispute that started earlier at Club Pasha in Manhattan.

Saigon – Gotta Believe It

4 september, 2009

Gotta Believe It (feat. Just Blaze)
Warning Shots 2
Prod. Just Blaze (?)

Saigon the m*********** DON!
Gör det acceptabelt på det helt värdelösa beatet.

”(Who you?) Saigon the Don
Let it be proved to people that I’m a phenomenon
I’ll pop a pussy person that play with my parmasean”

Saigon – Aye Aye Aye

17 augusti, 2009

Warning Shots 2
Prod. Buckwild

Sai-Giddy är tillbaka och ger oss ett smakprov på kommande mixtapet ”WS 2” som kommer ut den 29 september. Finns väl lite mer att önska efter att hört denna ”lättsmälta-sing-a-long-dänga” men jag har inga tvivel på att han kommer leva upp till, iallafall, mina förväntningarna.
Cover finns att beskåda om du fortsätter läsa detta…

On the DL: Saigon-Aye Aye Aye


Saigon – Change Gon Come

22 juni, 2009

Från soundtracket till filmen ”Inside A Change”, producerat av The Kickdrums och um….
det är Saigon, du vet redan vad det är!

Saigon – Change Gon Come

22 maj, 2009

Lite seg så jag skickar iväg er till Nah Right som har låt och lite info bakom detta hela uppe.