Nametag – Classic Cadence vol. 2

clas·sic: Serving as the established model or standard.
ca·dence: Balanced, rhythmic flow, as of poetry or oratory

Nej men titta vad jag hade missat i inkorgen…
Detroit+Black Milk+Gratis=Nedladdning, iallafall i min bok.
Fortsätt läs för ”pressmeddelande”, tracklist och nedladdning. Och för er som är för giriga och inte vill slösa plats på hd:n så har jag med bangern ”Back on my shit” som smakprov.

On The DL: Nametag-Back On My Shit (feat. Skyzoo)

Dub MD and the future of Detroit hip hop Nametag return with the second instalment of the Classic Cadence series. Classic Cadence Vol. 2 is a continuation of the first volume with more original music from Nametag, this time featuring the likes of Skyzoo, Black Milk, Fred Knuxx, Quest M.C.O.D.Y, Black Bethoven as well as a lot of other upcoming artists and producers from the mitten!

Nametag is also hard at work as always in the studio making a start on his up coming new album ”The Name Is Tag” executive produced by his super producer cousin Black Milk and brother Black Bethoven, which is due to hit shelves and online sometime next year, you can expect that to be the best sh*t coming out of Michigan since the Model T! For more information and updates on Nametag and Volume Up Entertainment make sure you log onto
Also as always Dub MD is working on a whole of host of new projects for 2009 with artists across the world, including Judah, Dominique Larue and Mr. Live. As well as that he’s begun work on his forthcoming official EP entitled ”The Requiem EP” which is due out in December via Universal Indie, stay tuned!

01.) A Million Rappers (Produced By A.Will Productions)
Back On My Sh*t (feat. Skyzoo) (Produced By Black Milk)
The Beat Bang (feat. Quest M.C.O.D.Y) (Produced By Jay Edgar)
Stylin On ‘Em (Produced By Black Milk)
About You (Remix) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
Set It (feat. Moe Dirdee) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
Let The Beat Play (feat. B.Stormz) (Produced By Doc Illingsworth)
DJ Graffiti Interlude
09.) Ask Around
(Produced By Koyto)
Chips (feat. Fred Knuxx)
(Produced By by Sean Ross)
Crash Course
(feat. Street Justice) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
Stylin On ‘Em (Remix)
(feat. Kopelli, Kanglosta, ONPoint & Young Scolla) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
The Matic Track
(Produced By Lou Matic)
Ain’t I
(Produced By B. Franks)
Tag Surfin’
(Produced By K.E.)

On The DL :Dub MD & Nametag Presents Classic Cadence Vol. 2


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