Wizard of Poetry: Emerald City Sampler

”I always wanted to do an R&B album,” Ghost explained in an interview. ”Since back then, but the name Wizard of Poetry been around the longest, since The Pretty Toney album. I just never got to it where it felt like go ahead and let The Wizard of Poetry, that name, out there like that. So it makes sense now with me doing an R&B album with a bunch of stories, explaining my story and stuff like that so I’m thinking, ‘Okay, it’s going together.’ The Wizard of Poetry is telling my story, check out my poetry in Emerald City. I was gonna at first base the album around Wizard of Oz. That’s where Emerald City came in. But you can’t use the same likeliness, but I’m still gonna go the same way…It’s more-less a musical joint, like n*ggas make music. I went, got nice R&B artists, told ‘em go ahead and lay the hooks down, I’ll lay the verses.And we just placed ‘em together. Put everything in place and sent it out.”
Rap Radar

Du kan ta ett smakprov på kommande skivan här.
På tal om GFK så pratade han nyligen i en interjuv om att göra en skiva med Meth och Rae vid namn Joint LP…vore ju fantastiskt!


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